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Human-Centric AI

Wondering what's up with artificial intelligence? 


The AI revolution, which began in autumn 2022, is a technological revolution on a par with the internet and smartphones, and has already changed the world of work forever. At the same time, AI is also associated with a huge amount of over-expectation and hype. 


In the HUMAN-CENTRIC AI training you will learn to:

  • understand what AI really is, how to use it

  • understand how AI can change the world of work.

  • understand the limitations of AI and what you should not use it for.


The main themes of the training:

  • How AI can make computing more fun and productive?

  • What is AI? (Large language models, machine learning, narrow and broad AI)

  • How can AI be used in information work?

  • How are you implementing AI in your work today?


Methods and capabilities to learned in the training:

  • Text generation and evaluation

  • Image generation

  • Voice production

  • Information retrieval

  • Summarising and clarifying

  • Feed design

  • Source criticism of AI

  • AI ethics and evaluation


Platforms used:

  • ChatGPT

  • Bing Image Creator

  • MidJourney

  • Runway ML

  • Soundful

  • Eleven Labs


The training can be organized either as a 3h interactive lecture or as a larger workshop with a 3h lecture and 3h training with different AI tools and techniques.


Lauri Järvilehto, PhD, is a Professor of Practice at Aalto University. He researches AI especially from the perspectives of developing thinking and the transformation of working life in a practical way.

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